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                Zhenzhushan Township Runze Fungus Industry Co., Ltd.

                Zhenzhushan Township Runze Fungus Industry Co., Ltd.

                Shangzhi City Pearl Mountain Runze Mushroom Processing is located in the hometown of black fungus in China-Nanshisan Village, Xin'an Village, Zhenzhushan Township, Shangzhi City. The company was established in 2018, with a building area of 5,626 square meters and an investment of 30 million yuan to build the main project of the bacteria package processing¡ª¡ª Mushroom bag processing workshop, to build 2 intelligent bacterial bag processing production lines for bacteria making, inoculation and culturing, with a daily production of 80,000 bags of bacterial bags and an annual output of 15 million bags, which can start the research and development and factory of high-quality edible fungi in Zhenzhushan Township Chemical mushroom bag processing, standardized base cultivation, intensive bacterial bag production, networked quality monitoring, integrated management of branded product marketing, a new pattern of development of the entire industry chain, realizing the upgrading and upgrading of the edible mushroom industry, enriching the people and making the town a magnificent Target.

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